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Mint Hill Macro Soccer (U6)

Mint Hill Soccer's U6 Soccer (Macro) program is for youth players ages 4 1/2 to 6. The program is strictly developmental with an emphasis on learning and fun, rather than winning or scores. We play small sided soccer on smaller fields to give the kids the most touches on a ball. Our practice sessions use fun games the kids can relate to that teach the players the basics of the game, team work and fair play. On game days, there are only eight players on the field, four on each team. Smaller teams and fewer players on the field allow each player to be more engaged in the game, and provides a better learning environment for all participants. The primary goal of Macro Soccer is to teach the game of soccer, and to promote the joy of the sport to children under the age of 6, as well as to their parents and guardians. To register for U6 Macro Soccer, please click here.

Teams will practice one to two days a week during the pre-season and generally one day a week once games begin. There will be one game each weekend on Saturdays. Maybe one or two Sunday afternoon games will be scheduled and Sundays may be used for rain make-ups. We may also schedule one to two games per season during the week and we try to schedule those on the teams normal practice night.  Game scheduling all depends on the number of teams we have and the Coach's availability.

Basic Rules of Macro Soccer
(complete rules can be found here)

Age Requirement:

MHS Macro Soccer teams are for boys and girls who are ages 4 1/2 to 6, typically in pre-school, kindergarten or at most 1st grade..

The Team:

Each team roster contains 5 - 7 players. A maximum number of players is set at 7. This ensures more playing time and further development for each participant.

Game Format:

- On each field there are eight players, four from each team. This game format is more simply referred to as 4 v 4 with no keeper.

- Substitutions may occur at period breaks or at any time a player needs to come off due to injury. Each player will play at minimum half the game.

- The coach and assistant coach supervise each game.

- There are no formal referees in Macro Soccer. Instead, the coaches from each team oversee each game.

- Teams should be fairly even in Macro Soccer, however, we always find some players who grasp the game more than others. Although standings and scores are never formally tallied during the season, the players are aware if they are winning or losing games by a substantial amount. Therefore, in order to keep Macro Soccer an enjoyable experience for all participants, teams should be pretty equally matched. Mismatches do occur, and when they do, the coaches will take actions in attempt to balance the mismatch.

Parent Participation

Parent Participation is an integral part of Macro Soccer. Each parent or guardian is expected to help with his or her child’s team. Parents can contribute to the team by helping with activities during practices or simple help by wrangling stray soccer balls. Taking the role of Team Parent/Mom to handle administrative duties is a fun task and highly appreciated by your kids coach. Nevertheless, the primary responsibility of the parent is to be a parent. Parent responsibilities include:

- Having your child dressed and ready for practice.

- Getting your child to practice on time.

- Making sure your child attends the majority of practices and games.

- Telling the coach if your child is unable to attend practice or game.

- Supervising your child at all times. No child should be left unsupervised, even to go to the restroom.

- Practicing good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship includes cheering for all players (even members of the other team), and being respectful to the coaches, the other team's parents and all players.

- Cheering instead of criticizing. To keep the atmosphere fun and engaging, parents should only shout positive encouragement, instead of criticism, from the sideline.

- Letting the coach do the coaching. Parents should not be coaching from the sidelines.

- Giving the team and the coaches space on the sideline. Please stay three feet back from the sideline.